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Sidney Powell Claims She Was Joking All Along, Throwing Dominion’s Legal Case Into Turmoil

Dominion has suffered a major setback in its defamation lawsuit against Sidney Powell with the former Trump lawyer now claiming that the entire ‘Stop the Steal’ campaign was ‘completely ironic’ and ‘just a bit of fun’, leaving Dominion’s $5000 an hour legal team completely devoid of ideas or legal avenues to pursue.

Speaking at a press conference outside her offices in Dallas, Powell told reporters: ‘I obviously didn’t mean any of it, come on, surely everyone knew I was joshing… right?’

‘I mean election fraud? Hugo Chavez? A Kraken?! Surely no one really believed that nonsense!’

The ‘LOL JK’ defence as it is known in the legal world is a highly unorthodox strategy but one that could come to the aid of the beleaguered lawyer in her hour of need.

‘It really is an interesting tactic,’ said Matthew Rickard, a partner at the Rickard, Rickard, Rickard and Rickard law firm located in downtown Los Angeles.

‘You see, I can publicly accuse you of being a murderer, or tell your neighbours that you’re a pedophile or even convince a right-wing mob that the entire foundation of the American democratic process is built on a lie, but as long as I say ‘lol jk’ or ‘not’ afterwards then it’s completely inadmissible in court.’

‘I could even kick you in the nuts in plain sight of a judge but as long as I have my fingers crossed there’s a good chance I’ll get away with it,’ he added as he tightened his laces.

Understandably, this bombshell has completely derailed all proceedings against Powell. Dominion’s lawyers, not wanting to seem stupid or humourless, have been forced to concede that they were, in fact, in on the joke whilst simultaneously trying to unpick the genius defensive manoeuvre.

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