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Dominion Voting Systems Flipped Eurovision Results

Following accusations of widespread fraud in last November’s US elections, shocking new evidence has come to light regarding Dominion Voting Machines and their handling of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision’s parent company, The European Broadcasting Company, awarded a 5-year contract to Dominion Voting Systems back in 2013, tasking them with tallying votes for the annual multi-nation spectacular. However, just 1 year into their 5-year deal, their contract was terminated by mutual consent.

While the two companies were initially thought to have parted ways on good terms, a recently-leaked email chain has revealed a different reality.

The emails show high-ranking Austrian officials conspiring with Dominion employees on the run up to the 2014 competition, discussing ways to redirect votes from other contestants to the Austrian entry, Conchita Wurst, as the drag act looked to surmount bookmakers favourites Sweden and the Netherlands.

The Austrian contestant’s eventual victory undoubtedly raised eyebrows, with the moustached songstress receiving surprise votes from perennial gay-bashers Russia and Azerbaijan – two countries with strong ties to Dominion, probably.

Rampant homophobes Russia awarded 5 points to the Austrian drag act Conchita Wurst.

According to an unnamed source at Eurovision, the company became aware of Dominion’s malpractice shortly after the 2014 competition and moved to inform representatives from Sweden and the Netherlands, the 2nd and 3rd placed nations. However, following a series of lengthy discussions with lawyers and with the support of the Swedish and Dutch governments, Eurovision opted to bury the matter in a bid to maintain the perceived integrity of the beloved competition.

6 years on, their inaction has come at hefty cost to President Trump and red-blooded patriots across America, who watched as their futures were stolen from them by Dominion and the Democrats – the former allowed to maintain their perceived integrity thanks to the characteristically passive Swedes.

The fact that someone named Conchita Wurst might turn out to be the worst kind of con and cheater should come as no surprise to anyone, nor should Dominion’s moral bankruptcy given their recent treatment of Supreme Leader Donald J. Trump, however, what is surprising is how the US mainstream media has so-far avoided the story altogether, especially given their recent rhetoric about the importance of truth.

Despite the best efforts of the Democrats and the left-wing media, this story simply isn’t going away. They can continue to lie to us, continue to shame dissenters, but, like it always does, the truth will rise like a phoenix.

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