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Biden’s Dog Faces Impoochment After Second Biting Incident

President Biden’s canine companion, Major, is in the dog house once again, and this time he appears to have bitten off more than he can chew.

A second biting incident in just one month has led to calls from prominent Republican figures asking for the White House’s first ever rescue dog to be removed from office, they claim Major is no longer fulfilling his duty of being a good boy.

The man spearheading the campaign for Major’s removal, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, issued a statement saying: ‘It’s clear that Biden’s un-American policies have filtered through to his dog, Major Biden, and we’ve seen that manifest itself in the form of attacks on decent, hard-working Americans.’ 

‘We know Sleepy Joe is a liar but we sure as hell won’t let his sleeping dog lie too.’

‘We need a red-blooded American dog in the White House like Lassie or Scooby Doo,’ the Senator added while swaddling his Poodle.

If the Republicans are able to garner enough support from the Kennel of Representatives, Major will become the subject of the first impoochment trial since Bill Clinton’s Labrador, Buddy, was unsuccessfully tried for repeatedly humping the leg of an intern in 1994.

If they’re successful and Major is found guilty, the President will be forced to put his beloved German Shepherd to sleep, something which will be seen as an early victory for the Republicans, and a major downer for President Biden.


  1. No dog that bites should be allowed in the White House or any other house. You never know when they will bite someone in the face which could cause major disfigurement!


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