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Sue Gray to Investigate Illegal Parties in Six-Part Documentary Series for Vice

Senior civil servant Sue Gray has signed a deal with Vice to host a new documentary series investigating illegal parties across the globe.

The Second Permanent Secretary has gained notoriety in recent weeks, having been tasked with investigating the 562 different parties which took place at 10 Downing Street during lockdown, and is now looking to cash in on her newfound fame.

The show, Sue Gray’s Illegal Shindigs, is currently in pre-production and is expected to debut on Vice during the Summer. The series will see Gray, 65, visit some of the most lawless parties around the world, from cave raves in Thailand to drug-fuelled festivals in the Russian wilderness, to the most crime-infested party of all – the Conservative Party.

Asked what we might expect to see from the show, one slightly-cagey Vice executive said: ‘I’d rather the await the results of Sue Gray’s investigations before I offer any comment.’

However, Sue herself was a little more forthcoming, telling us to prepare for: ‘booze-filled suitcases, broken swings, and a dumb blonde trying to f*** everyone.’

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