96% of Bots Still Support Boris Johnson, YouGov Poll Finds

In wake of Sue Gray’s report, Boris Johnson is fighting for his political life. However, Friday brought about some much-needed good news for Britain’s embattled Prime Minister. According to a recent YouGov poll, an overwhelming majority of online bots say that they still back Boris.

Asked why they’re still supporting the PM, 87% of bots questioned offered the same two verbatim responses, telling YouGov: ‘he’s doing his best,’ and ‘he got Brexit done.’

Other responses ranged from: ‘he’s fighting the woke agenda,’ ‘I’d have a beer with him,’ and ‘it’s all Angela Rayner’s fault, she distracted him with her vagina.’

Quizzed about its thoughts on the partygate fiasco, bot @BritishAlba of St. Petersburg claimed that giving Boris the title ‘leader of the party’ proved confusing for the PM and that he was simply trying to fulfil his duties. In reference to the ABBA night that took place at Number 10 in November 2020, another bot, @KEdge23 of Wales via Moscow, defended the PM’s attendance – saying that Boris was showing solidarity with our Swedish allies as they consider possible NATO membership.

Johnson’s Minister for Brexit Opportunites, Jacob Rees-Mogg, praised the bot community for sticking by the PM, telling the BBC: ‘I think what the bot community understands is that while Boris was busy doing his best, Keir Starmer was eating a chicken korma, and that’s simply not acceptable.’

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that while bot support for the PM remains rock solid, it may not translate to success at the ballot box for Johnson – the majority of pro-Boris bots currently fall well below the legal voting age with 91% having been set up within the last 18 months. Nonetheless, it will offer some needed reassurance for the Prime Minister, knowing that he’s still backed by segments of Russian society.

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